Undivided Training

We recently founded Undivided Training to formalise the working partnership that we have developed over the last 2 years.

Beginning our journey together during the demonstrator phase of the Black Country personalised care programme, we took the task of expanding health coaching from a single, highly successful pilot in a GP practice, across primary care and community services. 

We enjoy working together and find our mix of skills and knowledge complimentary, having different professional backgrounds and experiences that come together with aligned values and vision for making personalised care a reality.

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Meet Jo

Jo discovered her interest in supporting people to take their health into their own hands after working for several years as a paramedic and then a First Aid trainer. This discovery prompted her to move into health coaching; instead of just treating people with conditions, she now prompts them to change how they view themselves and their bodies so that they can live far healthier, happier lives.

With her years of experience in primary care and in training, Jo played a key role implementing an extremely successful health coaching programme for Dudley CCG – the first of its kind. Jo’s work in this programme, her commitment and enthusiasm for both patients and staff alike, received the Primary Care Innovation award for Dudley CCG in 2019.

Jo has continued to thrive combining her passions for health coaching and for training others. She has now expanded her role to lead the training, development and support of a team of health coaches across several GP surgeries in Dudley Borough.


Jo still enjoys working as a health coach at her local GP surgery every week and her current experience brings valuable examples to her training delivery. 

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Meet Clare

Clare has been part of organisations leading the way in patient-centred care for 18 years. Her first hand experience of the difference that this approach makes for patients, professionals and their organisations, means she has only become more enthusiastic about it over time.

Along her journey Clare has worked on personalised care from many angles but the common thread has always been about seeking bolder and better ways to put patients at the centre of all that we do.

She has taken on both strategic and operational roles, workforce training and quality assurance, spanning across the NHS, local government and third sector spheres. as head of training she supported a range of organisations to develop evidence-based self-management programmes for patients with long term conditions.

Most recently, as Personalised Care programme manager, Clare supported the  implementation of personalised care across the Black Country STP in its first year as an NHS demonstrator site. The involved working closely with NHS England and our own Jo McGoldrick to develop a bespoke training offer suited to the needs of the local workforce.

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