Our Training Offer

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Coronavirus update: In response to COVID-19, we have adapted our face-to-face trainings for online delivery.

Personalised training for your team

We deliver bespoke training for teams of staff within health and social care. At the development stage we offer a collaborative workshop with an appointed implementation team (service leads, commissioners, clinical leads) to discuss requirements and design training materials and modules to suit your teams existing strengths and needs.

Outlined below are typical standardised training sessions to be used as a basis for your personalised programme.


We also deliver online short introductory level training in all aspects of personalised care.

As well as training we offer support to embed health coaching and personalised care within organisations. We can support;

  • Design and development of materials and resources

  • Focused presentations

  • Staff workshops

  • Organisational design sessions

  • Support for pathway redesign to incorporate personalised care principles

  • Interviews and recruitment of health coaching team

  • Impact measurement

  • Evaluation

  • Mentoring and support from experienced health coach trainers

  • Support to develop supported self-management programmes

Contact us for more information about how we can work with you.

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Health coaching for front-line staff

This two-day training equips trainees with an understanding of the underpinning psychology, practical tools, conversation skills and coaching methods to enable better conversations.

Included in the training,

  • Event registration

  • Pre-course welcome email and preparatory work

  • 2-day (12 hour) health coaching workshop (online equivalent)

  • Training evaluation summary

Course highlights,

  • Motivational Interviewing techniques

  • Empathy and listening skills

  • TGROW and OARS

  • PAM; tailoring support and measuring impact

  • Understanding Health literacy

  • Introduction to Shared Decision making

  • Embedding HC in your practice

  • Real-play and current examples in practice

Personalised care and support plan (PCSP) training 

This one day training workshop gives trainees an awareness of the national context of personalisation in health and care and practical steps to creating a PCSP and one page profile.


Included in the training,

  • Event registration

  • Pre-course welcome email

  • 1-day (6 hour) PCSP workshop (online equivalent)

  • Training evaluation summary and certification

  • Useful resources

Course highlights;

  • What do we mean by Personalised care?

  • Understanding the national context

  • Questioning to discover what's important 

  • Writing a PCSP- what matters to you

  • One page profile

  • Starting from what's not working/ aspirations

  • challenges and solutions

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Shared Decision Making and Health Literacy

Supporting staff to involve people as much as they wish to be in the decision about which course of treatment to take.  Awareness of health literacy and its impact on SDM and person centred care.

Included in the training;

  • Event registration

  • Pre-course welcome email

  • 1-day (6 hour) training workshop (online equivalent)

  • Training evaluation summary and certification

  • Useful resources


​Course Highlights;

  • What do we mean by personalised care?

  • Defining SDM

  • SDM an ethical and legal imperative

  • When it is appropriate to use SDM 

  • Understanding Health Literacy

  • Practical tools

  • Implementation in practice

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